About Me


I am interested in the tensions existing in the space between what is remembered and forgotten, between obscurity and clarity, placement and displacement. My paintings explore the dichotomy of attempting to locate oneself in a space that tantalizingly occupies the grounds of the imagination. I find the open landscape to be a universal communicator. Wild and unexplored land is now a thing of the past, and the presentation of such invites nostalgia and a deep longing for what was. Yet, historically exceeding the bounds of any one institution or government, Nature still is not fully tamed. By disrupting the associations of the scape with drips, I hope to evoke both a sense of displacement as well as a unifying familiarity within the viewer’s longing.

I allow the paint to run down and across the canvas, synthesizing a sort of chemical “controlled chaos.” While I lay down the paint with intent, the varying fluidity of the drips ultimately decides how and where they will travel. Drips residing beside the lingering brushstrokes also reemphasize this interplay of control. The materiality of the paint fascinates me, and I want to create a loop between the unfamiliar and the identifiable. Adding films of palette knife spreads, loaded brushstrokes, dry scumbling and more drips, I am ultimately experimenting with various ways of concealing and exposing reality and imagined, desired space.


–Charis Schneider